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Who is Nuro some may ask, Nuro is an insensitive snake who sold his friends out for e-pussy because he can never get real pussy. The name Nuro belongs to the lowest scum of this planet. Now Nuro did not only sell his friends out, but he doxxed his friends too. You know what that calls for? A response. Nuro has no friends and is home 95% of the time. He fails his grades because all he does is play games. His parents are divorced and his mum is a whore who goes out every single night and whores herself out to other men. He gets bullied at school and no one wants him alive. Some may ask why? Because Nuro is one of those very punchable people who do some of the dumbest shit. He has no life and he leeches off his dad for everything. He has no job and he has no future, he  eats junk food 24/7 and probably won't live til 40. That is Nuro. Enjoy the info.

Known As : Nuro / Duck 
Real Name : Dean Kalamatas
Address : 366 Pascoe Vale Rd Strathmore South 
Phone Number : +61 488 355 930
Snapchat : dean_nuro
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