TorPaste is an Open Source Pastebin alternative whose code is available on GitHub. It has been created by Antonios A. Chariton and other GitHub Contributors and it is written in Python, using the Flask Microframework. It aims to be simple and elegant and is designed with security in mind. Moreover, the developers are trying to make it as easy as possible to set up in a HA environment.

TorPaste got its name from the Tor Project because it is designed to work as a Hidden Service within the network. As a matter of fact, TorPaste was created because no good alternatives existed. Of course, that doesn't mean that it can't work in a local area network or over the Internet, however it has been designed to work in the Tor Browser with Security Settings set to Maximum. So, sorry: No JavaScript for you!

However, that lack of JavaScript means that all code is run server-side, therefore it is not possible to store all pastes encrypted client-side. For this reason, all pastes are stored in plaintext in the server and the operator of the server can read 100% of them. TorPaste users should encrypt the data themselves before posting it, with a proper system such as PGP / GPG.

Some of the options of TorPaste that can be enabled or disabled by the System Administrator are the ability to have a public list of all pastes, the ability to mark some pastes as private, as well as an API. For more information on TorPaste, please open the project on GitHub. Of course, Pull Requests are always welcome and we're looking forward to them.

© 2016 Antonios A. Chariton & TorPaste Contributors — TorPaste is Open Source Software — v0.6-1-g505738c