dPaste is a service offered by daknob.net for free, to everyone online. There are no accounts or necessary payments. You can use this website to quickly post snippets online and share them with others. This can be the output of a command, a list of things, anything! dPaste aims to be simple and elegant and is designed with security in mind.

dPaste has no JavaScript running in the browser, and there's only one non-HTML resource loaded, the stylesheet. This is served locally and not from a CDN, and it comes with resource integrity checks, just in case. This service is perfectly usable in modern "high security" browsers such as Apple's Lockdown Mode, and the Tor Browser turned up to "Maximum".

There are two types of pastes supported so far: public and unlisted ones. If you make your pastes public, they will be indexed and made available at the list of pastes. If you make them unlisted, they won't appear there, but anyone with the URL can still access them. Don't worry though, the URLs are long enough to make it impossible to bruteforce them.

Due to the lack of JavaScript, there's no ability to perform client side encryption and private pastes. It is important to understand that all the content you upload here is accessible to everyone who has the URL, and it's also available on the backend in a format that can be converted to plain text. If you want to send private pastes, and for some reason you think that this is the best service, it would be strongly recommended to encrypt them before pasting them here with a secure and good tool like age. In fact, on top of any full disk encryption, this service stores all pastes individually encrypted with age, for additional protection at-rest, including all the backups that are being kept.

All the pastes stored in dPaste are hosted in Switzerland and this is where they are being served from. Daily backups that are additionally encrypted with separate offline keys are being sent to The Netherlands for disaster recovery purposes.


This service has been running since 2016 with only one minor problem with a single paste that was removed within a few hours. However, there's no guarantee that there won't be any problems in the future, and for this reason you can reach out at any time and report any issues you may have found by e-mail here: paste-abuse@daknob.gov. Before you send the e-mail, make sure to replace gov with net, otherwise your e-mail won't be delivered (to me) ;)