Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to the development of our techniques. Now, with the cutting-edge platforms and methods (quadroma development, chemical conjugation, and genetic engineering), a comprehensive list of bispecific antibody products is available to customers in academia and industry fields. According to modular architecture, Creative Biolabs is experienced in producing five major groups of bispecific molecules: bispecific IgGs, appended IgGs, BsAb fragments, bispecific fusion proteins and BsAb conjugates. In addition, our platforms make us the best choice for production of innovative customized designs. With novel strategies and proprietary Creative Discovery Platform™, Creative Biolabs can always adjust the design of the product to meet client’s requirements on format, valency, flexibility and half-life of the BsAb.	TROP2 trispecific antibody	https://www.creative-biolabs.com/bsab/symbolsearch-hsg%2520%2526%2520trop2.htm