Type of Service (set-tos) We will also set the type of service (TOS, set-tos) to "ef" for new versions of OpenBSD or at least "reliability" to try to make the routers on the upload path reduce packet loss and travel time. Packet loss and retransmission are going to cause retransmission times of up to three(3) seconds which is a huge delay. You can also set the TOS to "lowdelay" to try to reduce the latency of the packets on the network for gaming. In gaming you do not care if a packet was lost as it is already to late to worry about it. For general use we highly recomend using a TOS setting of "ef" which signafies "Expedited Forwarding." Normally "ef" is good for VOIP communication, but we find this value works exceptionally well for all traffic. For FreeBSD we suggest using "reliability". Note, instead of using the word "reliability" you can also use "set-tos 0x04".

TOS          XORmask     Suggested Use
lowdelay     0x10        ftp, telnet, ssh
throughput   0x08        ftp-data, www, data servers
reliability  0x04        snmp, dns, or general
ef           0x2E        VOIP, games
af31         0x68        VOIP
af32         0x70        VOIP
cs3          0x60        VOIP